Hemorrhoids are caused by a muscular bump located in the anus or rectum. This is a movement of tissues and veins in that part of our body.  Although hemorrhoids are not life-threatening, they are particularly uncomfortable feeling when they swell.

Free yourself from hemorrhoidsStatistics shows that more than 50% of North Americans at some point suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are also very common in women after giving birth.

What causes Hemorrhoids?

You are more at risk of the misery from hemorrhoids if:

  • you are constipated. Constipation leads to a looseness of the internal tissues that can cause hemorrhoids;
  • your diet lacks fibre, which can intensify the possibility of constipation;
  • you are pregnant or have given birth. The pressure of labor increase the possibility of hemorrhoids. Also, there are vitamins given to pregnant women for their fetus that causes constipation.
  • you habitually lift heavy loads.
  • you stay seated for long periods of time.

There could be other reasons that are causing your hemorrhoids because there is no single definitive cause. Serious hemorrhoids can cause internal or external bleeding and infection. If you are experiencing really bad problems with hemorrhoids you should not hesitate to consult your doctor. Hesitation or hiding your illness can worsen your situation.

I would like to point the number one factor listed above that causes hemorrhoids – constipation.

Constipation is experienced by all of us once in a while. When constipated a hard stool forms in the lower rectum causing sharp pain in the stomach region. When the hard stool pass out it can overstretched the tissue in the anal region and sometimes tear up the mucosa and skin in this area which causes hemorrhoids. Inflamed hemorrhoids often rupture and cause bleeding and sharp burning sensation.

Fighting constipation is an important measure in fighting hemorrhoids. Having a fibre-rich diet is the best remedy and also drinking plenty of water.

Food sources containing fibre are full corn cereals, full corn bread, whole grain, legumes such as lentils and white beans, vegetables, and fruits. In addition, you should consume (but not too much) fats such as avocado, sunflower seeds, eggs, corn oil, nuts, and others.

Eating a balanced diet is really important and overeating can only worsen the situation. So try not to eat too much per meal and do not forget to drink enough water. Water makes the stool softer.

Regular effective exercise like brisk walking and biking counteract constipation and therefore help avoid hemorrhoids.

If you want to avoid the discomfort of hemorrhoids and really want to cure it, total lifestyle change is the best remedy.


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